More Screenprinting

It’s been a fun day at the printing studio – there were only two students; me and Susie who is doing wood printing. So I had the entire printing table for myself. Last week I spent a lot of time getting the design together and cutting the stencil. DSCN7665

Today was P- Day (p for printing). Instead of just printing one single colored motif and hopping up and down with excitement I tried to master an entire piece of cloth. So here I tried not to smudge, not to drip, get some sort of rhythm going. Once I had the dark shapes on the fabric I squinted long and hard and a simplified shape echoing the first one seemed to be the right thing to do. But after applying the pink stencil there were still big gaps in the pattern. So I picked a gold with some metallic, added a drop of black and performed a kind of dance as I placed the yellow. DSCN7666

Finally I added printing paste to dilute the yellow, to get a lighter color and just printed willy nilly (randomly…).

It’s not a big piece of cloth, about 1.20m x 1m, so it’s too small for a table cloth. I think the pattern is too big to turn it into cushions… we’ll see what it will be turned into.

Work has not picked up yet at, it’s still slow at the beginning of the academic year, what a treat to have time for playtime!

8 thoughts on “More Screenprinting

    • Hi Margo, it is easier than I thought and the sky is the limit with the possibilities! I have to say, having a studio with all the right equipment helps… but if you want to get into printing and design – I have just bought ‘Print and Stamp’ by Traci Bunkers and it shows infinite easy printing techniques that you can do at home without a well equipped studio. I hope that fuels your enthusiasm! Best wishes, S

      • Thanks for the recommendation. I will look on amazon for the book. I do have one A4 screen but never really persisted with it, but am determined to get going after seeing your work!

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