Fast Forward – Rewind

Fast forward 6 weeks since the last post: we are too happy for words in our new home. Dogs go walking in the morning, sweaty owner jumps in the pool to cool off… we are making bread when we run out of toast, we play snooker, read, talk… Endless streams of visitors have come through our home and shared our new place and we have loved socializing, cooking and catching up with friends and family. Well, I am – we all are – on holiday, so this is not exactly going to be the day to day routine for the rest of the year…

Rewind and reflection of what 2013 has been like. Incredibly stressful comes to mind immediately. The move, a huge work project – those two things combined made it impossible to get a routine going for any of us as individuals, as well as as a family or a well run household. But alas, that’s all done and dusted.

2014 will be super, none of those stressful diversions. Lot’s of creativity, nurturing friendships, good health and prosperity to you!5180576-3x2-940x627

It is a great joy to share this news with you: I have received a gift from heaven! A generous amount of knitting yarns… donated to me from Sue. My first thought was immediately that anything knitted of these yarns are going to be for me. I have been knitting 5 jumpers/ cardigans in the last 18 months for other precious people, now I need to look after my own wardrobe. My second thought was that I am just going to knit up other people’s designs. There is plenty of nice stuff out there and I have already downloaded and printed… allocated to the new and old stash. Just have to finish Patrick’s jumper and then – presto – get on with it.

Why? Well, it’s all very well that I have fun designing my own stuff, but I have never really knitted other people’s designs, so I think it will be a great learning curve to ‘just do it’ and learn a thing or two about knitting that way and speed up production for next winter’s wardrobe.

First there is this nice light grey, and there is about 300gr per skein. Heaps for a fabulous poncho…DSCN7388

And this heavenly blue – ideal for a classic V-neck or cardigan with an interesting silhouette.DSCN7390

And 500gr of this variegated grey/ pink – maybe a very tailored 70’s top?DSCN7389

A very raw and natural look for something from this gorgeous yarn. Again, something with a really interesting (asymmetrical?) silhouette? DSCN7391

And here we have a Camel and Wool blend in the most gorgeous pink. DSCN7392

I have started. In this heat! I have started on Jennifer Hansen’s Silken Scabbard, and what a learning curve to knit with someone else’s pattern! DSCN7398

First of all, this photo documents the insanity of knitting in this heat. But I am suffering from withdrawal in the last busy year, so I just have to do it.

DSCN7403Here is a detail of the collar hem. The hem stitches are cast on with a provisional cast on, the inside of the hem is knitted in pattern, in the turning row the stitches are knitted through the back (this gives a really neat edge!) and then the knit stitches of the hem are joined in a row of 3 Needle Knitting and the cable stitches are left on the waste yarn to be firmly sewn in later.

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