Outside the Hexagon

Nothing much has changed since I last wrote… you must have read between the lines that our situation is fairly stressful. We have a date we need to be out of our home, we have not bought another home, we have declined a lease offered to us due to too many unknowns, but the removalists have been booked… And six weeks ago I thought life was too stressful to bear. Every week it just keeps getting worse.

There are many a fleeting knitting idea in my head – but needles and thread are packed.

Hexagons seem to be the go… making it up as I go along – very much like the rest of my life at this point. Do you remember how far I got with my hexagon quilt?

DSCN7148Well, Esther found this image on the internet as she was contemplating a quilt for herself – made by her, and I must say, it really inspired me, lovely stars and big shapes.

DSCN7150And so I started doing stars and big flowers myself – muddling along,  … hexagon after hexagon… all will turn out ok, I am sure, like the rest of life.

DSCN7149It will be a logical continuation of what went before, incorporating all those scraps, it doesn’t matter that I just cannot see how it will work right now, but working it will!

4 thoughts on “Outside the Hexagon

  1. That’s such a lovely idea for hexagons. I, too, have half a hexagon project tucked away in a box. I have been thinking about it lately. Perhaps I will get it out and finish it off! I hope you find a place to move soon. I can’t imagine how stressful that must be 😦

  2. Sorry to hear you have been having a stressful time – hope everything works out for you. My nan used to say “it will all come out in the wash”!
    I love the star and hexagon combination, and hopefully the slow and meditative nature of hand piecing will help you through this time as well.
    Hugs x

    • It will come out in the wash – no doubt. And we will look back and soon not remember at all what we have been through. AND (really trying to hang on to this one) – whatever happens happens – whether we stress or not. Now, there is a lesson in Zen! Thanks for your good wishes!

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