It’s been an unusually quiet Sunday, no soccer (Esther slept over at a friends and got a lift), no sailing (the captain is convalescing from surgery), nothing in the diary! How nice to have a day like this, for a change!

A quiet day is just what I need… because this has appeared on our garage roof:DSCN6944

So the demolition of our home of 15 years is fairly immanent, Patrick’s been really sick with flu, we have been intensely looking for houses and this ‘where are we going to live???’ topic has started invading just about most conversations with friends and family… In fact, I woke up with a terrible itchy rash all over my body – I am unaware that I have eaten anything unusual, so I have reason to believe that I am fairly stressed.

To reduce the stress, we have made a list of the next steps… who asks whom (solicitor, developer, bank) what in order to be prepared with a solid knowledge base for the next few steps (buying a new house…). The other really good thing to reduce stress is to get started… in this case – to throw out more stuff. I did go into my shed and tried… made a start… but this is what I found:

DSCN6938mini-jedi shoes made at my last job as a tailor (Star Wars: Attack of the Clones) before going to uni to study Philosophy.

DSCN6937Folders used for Philosophy notes re-appropriated for textile stuff.

DSCN6940A box labeled by Vincent in kindy – my only private space when the kids were little.

I went outside for air and was reminded of how very temporary our existence has been in our home over the last 3 years.

DSCN6935Garden furniture found in the street – just about to die.

DSCN6932A makeshift bbq, since the gas one truly gave up cooperation some time ago.

DSCN6921The Mexican oven held together by wire band aids.

DSCN6924Cardboard boxes appropriated as shooting range for archery practice.

And look at all the buildings we added to the magnificent estate of ours!

IMG_0018A possum home.

DSCN1858The Snoopy dog kennel.

DSCN6929The Cubby house.

DSCN6923Bunny cage.

DSCN6926The original chicken tractor.

DSCN6922Possum proof netting for the veggie gardens – now appropriated to house the beehives.

DSCN6925Another reminder of all our pets: the then toddler turtle sandpit appropriated as duck pond for Dory.

You know what is coming next? Yepp, I could not help myself looking at old photos of our house and all the milestones that we experienced in it. Parenthood, owner builder renovation, new hobbies. I am about to cry.

IMG_0186IMG_9153IMG_9151Learning about house building.

IMG_0827IMG_0862IMG_0795Appropriating a building site for a great playground.

IMG_0505IMG_0625Developing interest in tools.

IMG_0457Appropriating equipment at hand to stay fit…

IMG_9150…and enjoying multiple other outdoor pursuits!

DSCN6945Making the place safe by building banisters.

IMG_3883IMG_3867IMG_3884Learning to brew beer…

DSC_0231… and keep bees.

IMG_0630Learning to make connections.

IMG_0621Appropriating things for a table at dinner time.

IMG_2684Learning to check thoroughly for safety standards.

IMG_2683Appropriating anything for a bed when needed.

IMG_0593Multitasking forever.

DSCN6933Making up stories about Bardula, the ghost, under our house.

DSCN6934Enough for now, I will leave this place – full of good fortune and joy – and be off to new adventures!

DSCN6946Home is where the heart is – and Patrick… thank you for sharing – I fell already a lot better!

7 thoughts on “Appropriation

    • Thanks… it is good to make a start, even though it evidently detracted me entirely from what I set out to do [throw stuff out ruthlessly]. And you know, I think it is important to make a bit of space for admitting the sadness connected with this change.

      • Change tends to make us sad when we’re attached to what is left “behind”. Though, change is a constant in life and maybe we should embrace it and look into the future. There will be more good things awaiting in the future, I think, once the transition is over.
        But you’re right in highlighting the importance of making space for the feelings connected to the transition.
        PS You have such a lovely family ♥

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