Porters 2013

IMG_9766I am re-surfacing from a number of major adventures… life has been like a roller coaster and there has been little time to come up for air. Recovering from the latest adventure – skiing in New Zealand – I feel faint and sore and a cold coming on. I have the luxury of flexible work arrangements, so whilst I am not feeling focused to answer the endless work emails that have accumulated in the last week, I am doing the laundry, re-stoking the fridge, slow cooking a casserole and preparing for the ‘how to knit cables’ class I will be teaching next Sunday at the Bronte Sewing Room. Sigh.

First things first.

We had 3 teenage ballerinas from Southern California staying with us for a week at the end of May. The poor things – we had torrential rains for the entire week they were staying with us and I kept driving them everywhere because I didn’t want them to be sick for their big performance at the Sydney Opera House. Lot’s of cooking, food shopping, taxi driving, drying towels… and lot’s of fun to have Olivia, Meghan and Grace with us!

Then there was a MASSIVE week at work, so not much opportunity to recover after the super mum thing, and at the same time we tried to get our act together to get off to NZ. During our last travel preparations we got news that there had been 3m of snow at Porters (the place where we were going to stay and ski), so they had blown up the snow (dropping dynamite from a helicopter) to cause an almighty avalanche to make the place safe. However, in the process, some of the equipment got badly damaged, which could not be repaired due to gale force winds… we were offered to opt for cancellation and a refund  but we went anyway.

We stayed at the Porters Alpine Lodge – and were the only guests, since everybody else had cancelled due to aforementioned circumstances! Ha! We skied at Mount Cheesemann instead, which was sunny and suitable for all our different skiing abilities. Vincent got on a snowboard and he looks so natural, like he has never done anything else. Wow. Patrick hurt his leg (knee) badly on day one, so there was no skiing for him on day 2 (trip to the medical centre in Christchurch)… but he came good and enjoyed the rest of the week on the slopes with us.

IMG_9755IMG_9775And of course there was some serious knitting going on. I made a cushion cover out of samples for the upcoming workshop and once that was finished, Lynne (who is sporting the marvelous beanie at the beginning of this post) inspired me to make the Porter beanie. It was done in two days, despite Lynne and Jana (our fabulous chalet girls) adding increasingly complex design challenges, like “put the date on, yes, the date”, “what about a guy skiing?”, “no, wait, how about a snowboarder?” and finally, just as I had the pleasure to cast off… “what about a little bobble, yes, a black and red bobble! THAT would be nice!”.

And on our last evening I taught the girls to knit… will they keep up the good work?IMG_9745

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