Proudly Presentling: The cable knit hot water bottle cover

hot water bottle coverHere, finally, one month late for Vicky’s birthday – the hot water bottle cover! I just love it! I hope she will!

I picked the Ornate Lattice cable stitch pattern from Barbara Walker’s vast selection of patterns and knit this very tightly (ouch, poor hands…) to make the pattern show up really well. I knitted a tube and finished the bottom with an i-cord and incorporated two buttons and buttonholes.

Sue and I discussed this wonderful idea of how to manage multiple knitting projects while we were sailing on the harbour. Sue is a firm believer in having 3 categories of projects on the go at any time: one for the handbag (little), one for chatting and TV (straightforward) and one that is a challenge (sh, don’t talk to me I am in focus mode). My problem is that most of my projects fall into the latter category. Currently I have the Japanese top on the go (sh!), which I still need to blog about.

Happy knitting and categorizing!

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