Adventures of a small barbeque

DSCN6777Here it is, the small bbq that I gave to my husband for Christmas, that is now following me around like a lapdog. I had made a huge bowl of char-grilled veggie salad, lentil salad, bulk bought some steaks on Friday night and thus started the intensely social and wonderful weekend. Here you see the bbq and all my other essentials (cup of tea and knitting!) on my friend Ruth’s balcony. Ruth has just bought a flat in a Sydney seaside suburb, so I decided to have a sleepover to really check out the new home and it’s surrounds. It’s in spitting distance to the beach. DSCN6778It is very urban. DSCN6779DSCN6807DSCN6782

And very connected to the elements at the same time. DSCN6785

DSCN6791And there is lot’s of scope for activity. DSCN6797DSCN6790DSCN6786

And this is winter?!?! DSCN6802DSCN6798

Friends forever.

And then the bbq took all of my family to a friend’s place. DSCN6812DSCN6811DSCN6813

Jonno’s has just about finished a major renovation, and most of the work he has done himself – well, the inside is done, smick or what? DSCN6816

And the studio has got very creative walls for soundproofing – personally I don’t think he should paint this at all!DSCN6808

The courtyard will get a makeover next. DSCN6814

But the unfinished business did not stop us from having a great afternoon, opening some bubbly and celebrating.DSCN6819DSCN6820

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