Time out on the Water

DSCN6652 There is nothing quiet like water to keep my soul in balance. I always have to take the dogs to the water for a walk every weekend, or I feel I have not had a break… just love the sound of it, the motion. And this weekend I was ON the water… and shall be every fortnight during the winter sailing season because I, the absolute non- sailor, have been ‘hired’ by the captain!DSCN6654

This sort of thing makes me shriek and want to go home straight away, but fortunately my fellow deckhand Sue assures me ‘it’s all good, we really will not sink…’. Phew!DSCN6653DSCN6676DSCN6690DSCN6705

Lot’s to see… lot’s to learn…how lucky am I? Thanks Captain!DSCN6678

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