Take me to the River…

IMGP0044This was an entirely new experience. Lilo-ing, so I thought, was lying in the sunshine, floating gently down the stream, reflecting on the finer things in life. Little did I know. In what follows, you will see what lilo-ing is really like, and let me tell you, it is far more fun that what I imagined.

First of all, here are the usual suspects embarking on the adventure. IMGP0008

Everybody is wearing dry clothes, carrying their pack with wetsuit, lilo and a small amount of provisions in their backpack. Thank God, some also carried a camera! We set off from Mt Wilson’s car park and went down to the river.Esther climbing over tree

Then we got changed – and we got really exited! The river looked beautiful and mysterious, and standing in it, I realized how many obstacles there were going to be in our way and how freezing it was going to be… hm,… not just floating gently down the stream then…green light on riverriver stones detailriver with big rocksEsther getting ready in the shadowSwantje is getting readySwantje puts her suit onRuth gets her suit onIMGP0035

It was freezing – this is an activity for summer, not April, really. My feet were so numb, I thought they might fall off if I knock them… At the beginning, there was a lot of scrambling involved… scrambling, sliding, jumping with lilo and backpack.all climbing over rocks

Craig is getting ready to jumpCraig jumpsMichael with liloEvery now and then, there was also some lilo-ing… I liked that bit in particular, especially after the water on my lilo had warmed up a bit.

bodies on the river in the foregroundbodies on the river Patrick had taken a billy, a small stove, teabags and hot chocolate and we had a picnic on the rocks. This would have been my best cup of hot drink I ever had! Everybody dug out of their backpacks any spare clothing to put on.IMGP0077IMGP0079

None of us liked the thought of getting back into the freezing water, but once we were in it – we went through the most scenic nature I had ever seen. And we realized that we needed to hurry a bit – there was a fair hike ahead of us the get out of the canyon and the sun was not going to wait for us.

The dry bags had kept (most of) our clothes dry (wow!) which then didn’t stay dry once they were on us – because the water from the wet lilo and wetsuit once stuffed into our backpacks ran down our backs… urgh… and up up up we went, through the magic bush, just in time before dark. What a day!Patrick in the bushclimbing upRuth Esther Vin climbing upIMGP0100IMGP0107

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