A Quilt Top in a Day!!!

Yes, not just in a day, during ‘school hours’! It’s school holidays, so school hours don’t matter (getting kids there in time, getting there for timely pick up)… but it still seems to be a unit of time we tend to use in the holidays!

Becky had a vague idea… she finally wanted to use all those fat quarters that she had been hoarding. With plenty of freshly baked bread, cake, muffin and flapjacks and coffee we were set. I left the kitchen in whatever state I found it this morning when I got up, just got the ironing board and sewing machine up from the shed and without any further ado we started. This is how this masterpiece evolved:

  1. Becky decided which pieces of fabric she could not bear to cut up
  2. we decided what size was feasible for the majority of squares (10×10″ or 25X25cm) and started cutting on the kitchen table
  3. we made a quick sketch and found that one ‘not to be cut’ piece would go in the center, it was too small – so we put a quick border around it
  4. keeping the ‘big picture’ and size (single bed) in mind, we decided we ought to have 2 1/2 squares either side of the big center piece
  5. two more big ‘not to be cut’ fat quarters should go to the top and bottom, and be connected by plain cream fabric, just as the border of the center piece
  6. cut, sew, press, cut, sew, press, c, s, p and tataaaaa:DSCN6506DSCN6508

Just imagine we had had wadding and backing at hand – we would have basted all the layers together and started quilting it! No stopping us! And whilst we were in action, Emily got inspired and whipped up a patchwork cushion cover!DSCN6505DSCN6509 I am sure we added to the overall happiness factor in the world today! And I cannot imagine to ever make a quilt on my own, surely this is how they are meant to be done…

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