Easter at the Kowmung

Happy Easter, all!


We went on a family hike… I was in charge of food and took the older kids to the supermarket on Thursday night while the little one had soccer training in the rain… I mention this with far too many words… there should have been a picture (deleted!!!) with all the food set out on the bench top at home – before it was put into color coded shopping bags. One bag for breakfasts, one for lunches, one for dinners. But here a snap shot of the last minute repairs of Patrick’s hiking pants: DSCN6099

Don’t you just love it when you collect stuff (rivets in my case… and find one of the right kind and also the right gadgets to put them in???) an you get an opportunity to use it, finally???

Patrick was in charge of the route, and stayed in charge of trekking through the bush… but Vincent helped – he is an excellent pathfinder. Unbelievable views, unbelievably sore legs and bums… unbelievable gourmet food, unbelievable sounds of the bell birds, the river, the wind… was I stressed last week??? No, you must have the wrong person…

DSCN6140DSCN6198DSCN6223DSCN6224We left Sydney on Friday night, had a look at the surrounds at the Kanagra-Boyd National Park, before pitching our tents rather close to the car park. On Saturday we descended into the WILD, and I realized that walking down a steep hill is worse than climbing it back up again! We were rewarded for our efforts with the most beautiful clearing in the bush, next to the river – Orange Bluff.DSCN6253DSCN6254 Imagine hopping into the cool river, after walking 13.5 km downhill with a pack (anything between 6kg – 19kg, depending on the size of the person…)!!! Then we made a fire, set up camp, had cups of tea, got cooking dinner – and we were sound asleep as sun set – at 7pm!DSCN6258DSCN6266 Time stands still in places like this. The kids may rebel and kick and scream that they don’t want to go on a hike – but once they are on the road/ track… they are peaceful and deeply happy.DSCN6212DSCN6250DSCN6235 What else could there possibly to be said… Happy Easter!Kowmung route

2 thoughts on “Easter at the Kowmung

  1. So lovely to meet you at the Kanangra carpark. It looks like the bush had its way with you and the family. Did you meet any other people at Orange Bluff or did you have it to yourselves?
    Also, I have a question about rivets! I am tinkering with a tent fly, to enable me to erect it without the tent inner. I need to put some rivets into the tent footprint/ground sheet to hold the poles. Where do you suggest I look to buy what I need?

    • Hi Cora! Yes, we met a lot of people from your club at Orange Bluff, I omitted them from the photos to preserve the feeling of solitude… Re: rivets – you can buy them at Spotlight and Lincraft, though I wouldn’t just ‘bang’ them into anything. Ideally you would reinforce the fabric they go into first, so it doesn’t rip after short use… If you are anywhere near the North Shore, I’d be happy to help – there is plenty of spares in my box, as you can see. I did buy big rings to put spare wholes in our camping tarp…

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