Thrice knit sleeveheads, Bombe Alaska and the Rainbow Warrior

I think that I will keep the details of the top down set in sleeve heads to myself – until such a point that I feel they are worth sharing… and this is not far off, mind you! “You sure do a lot of unraveling”, said my favorite knitting buddy Sue. Needless to say… there has been a lot of unraveling, re-thinking, charting, changing and all that. I even consulted a book! But I cannot say that it answered any of my questions…

Hhm, yes, but my stamina stems from having a few items in my wardrobe that I don’t like wearing, because I am haunted by the knowledge that they could be so much better if only… I had taken the trouble to re-do them just there…

In the meantime, we have had more cake… well, a Bombe Alaska, really, which disappeared in no time for Sunday night desert. I had been intrigued for ages, how ice cream can be put in the oven… but there you go.DSCN6094

And on a totally different note: we went to see Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior, the sailing ship that is taking off to Queensland to protest against the approval of coal mines and new harbors up there – if all that coal is going to be approved – it’s going to be the end of our Reef! We stood over an hour in the scorching sun to get on deck – but it was worth it. We saw the deck, the bridge and got a great talk on how the vessel operates. Jo and I took part in a photo petition.Jo and Swantje photo petition

Besides that, it was lovely to go to the Quay… what a great place. I still have to pinch myself when I go there “Hey, you do live in Sydney!!!”Opera HousePlease excuse the dodgy pic of the Opera House – taken on my inferior phone… but here is another one of the Harbour Bridge, taken on Monday night last week, as I was walking to the Opera House along Circular Quay to see Orpheus in the Underworld… still, taken on the phone, but … with a bit more… atmosphere???19032013

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