In the prairie of my back garden there lurks a…

Boy, have we had rain! The lawn in the back garden is totally overgrown – we all really quiet like it… it is wild and mysterious… and something is lurking… DSCN5901it’s cowering and hiding in the long long grass… DSCN5903DSCN5905

Friend, not foe!!! Peaceful and tame!DSCN5904

Vast expanses of seams…DSCN5906

…and neat grafting under the sleeves.DSCN5909 And then – the camera ran out of battery! True!

So I cannot take a picture of what I am up to next. I can only mention the huge chorus of frogs in the swampy back garden going ribbit ribbit rippit rip it rip it rip it… yes, I unraveled all of Esther’s tunic, here a quick reminder what it looked like before the frogs came marching in:DSCN4910 I had already knitted waaayyyy more than in the picture below… finished the body (waist and all) was about to start on the sleeves… but a fitting revealed that it did fit, but since a) Esther is growing fast and b) since I want her to wear this for 2 seasons… I better start from scratch because it simply needs to be a generous fit – I am on a strict ‘no regrets policy’, I will do my best and my utmost to make a garment work, really work. So I have started all over, and this time no shaping in the skirt of the tunic, it will just go straight up, maybe I will take it in from the hip to the waist a little. But knitting it straight up will give it the flow that it needs and it will also make the beautiful pattern sing much more loudly.


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