Into the Tasmanian Wild

We are back, back from our amazing adventure into the Wild. All five of us enjoyed the 5 days and 4 nights, covering 52 km, being at the mercy of the elements, feeling part of the amazing nature around us.DSCN5156

We got inspired for this adventure when we did a 2 night hike with the kids in the Blue Mountains on the October long weekend. Patrick did a great job of finding the location for our next adventure, Walls of Jerusalem, Tasmania, and in planning this hike with great accuracy. We updated most of our hiking gear, booked the hire car, the flights, the motels and off we went. Two days before our departure the news reported non-stop about the terrible bush fires in Tasmania. We decided to go anyway and possibly changing our route.

Most of these photos are taken by Vincent, thanks for letting me use them!

Day 1 We flew to Launceston, picked up the hire car and bought the last items in the camping shop. A quick visit to the tourist information gave us a reliable update about the fire dangers – no fires where we were heading, phew! We also carefully planned all the provisions and bought the food in the local supermarket. We re-packed all the equipment (yet again…) in the motel and added the food to our packs.

Day 2 As we took off in the car, we listened to never ending reports about the terrible fires on the Tasman Peninsula and about the hottest day on record to be expected in Australia today. DSCN5130We signed in for out walk and covered only 5km on this first day, but it was a fairly steep incline, not easy with the heavy packs! DSCN5132

We also were not used to finding stuff we needed quickly yet… where are my dry pants??? A quick lunch at Trapper’s Hut and onward. DSCN5155DSCN5173DSCN5148DSCN5170

DSCN5227We set up camp at Wild Dog Creek. It got colder and colder and very windy; what a fitting name for our camp on our first night in the wild! Despite the late daylight (it got dark at 10pm), it was just too cold to stay up and we were all tucked in at 8.30.

Day 3 The last thing we expected, whilst parts of Tasmania were burning like hell, was to wake up to 5 cm of snow! DSCN5241DSCN5246

All of us had been cold at night, despite woolen underwear, beanies and socks. Lot’s of hot chocolate for breakfast, spare socks used as mittens and off we went to explore the magic of this great spot! DSCN5258DSCN5268DSCN5270DSCN5275DSCN5277DSCN5285

We walked along the board walk in silence and awe. We climbed to Salomon’s Throne before lunch, and up Mount Jerusalem after lunch. DSCN5291DSCN5326DSCN5296

We had lunch in the rain, sheltered in the old hut at Dixon’s Kingdom. DSCN5310DSCN5312DSCN5320

Patrick volunteered to cook dinner in the freezing cold, whilst the rest of us huddled together in the old 3 man tent (the ‘common room’) and played Canasta and 5000.

Day 4 No snow, phew! We packed up camp and that seemed to take ages. How could that be? We only took the bare essentials… but everything needed to be checked and stored in a sensible spot to be retrieved easily when needed. No track for the first half of the day, heading towards Lake Ball. Bog, bushes, scrubs, logs – a lot of scrambling; then finally a track! Lunch at the shores of Lake Adelaide. DSCN5333 DSCN5335 DSCN5343 DSCN5346 DSCN5348 DSCN5364 DSCN5371  DSCN5377 DSCN5382 DSCN5387

We looked at the map, our watches, our mood… and decided to find a ‘scenic camping spot’ at the south end of the lake. And a scenic spot we did find! The temperature was fairly mild now, for the first time we spent time outside the tent in the evening! And we had to use insect repellant against the hundreds of mosquitoes.              DSCN5389

DSCN5405DSCN5403Day 5 Heavy rain during the night. About 3 cm! When I opened the zip of the tent we were surrounded by fog. A late breakfast, a late start – the pleasant temperature changed the pace of our activities radically and thankfully it was not raining any more! We planned to leave the camp and do a day walk to walk to Junction Lake, but that was not achievable for us as a day trip with such a late start. We just started to walk, explore, watch, enjoy – and the kids started to fantasize about civilization… oh, if we only could go to Hobart, or even Mole Creek! Well – everybody had had a really good time so far, why not leave the trip on a high? We made the kids figure a route that was achievable in a day, with packs, to return to the car. DSCN5184We had a great day while all this planning went on, walking to Merton Lake Hut, fishing for dinner, playing at the shore of the lake, spotting snakes – being perfectly at home in this amazing spot.DSCN5482DSCN5453DSCN5452DSCN5438DSCN5432DSCN5465DSCN5416

Day 6 Camp was packed in no time – we had developed into pros! At 8am we set out to the car. We covered 13km with packs (heavy due to damp tents and sleeping bags) and got to the car at 2pm! We booked into a motel at Mole Creek, dried all equipment, cooked dinner, the adults shared a bottle of nice Tasmanian white wine and we watched telly!

We spent 4 nights in the Wild, away from civilization, having great conversations about just about anything and enjoying a lot of silence for all of us to ponder our own thoughts. I feel as good as new!

More about the rest of our trip another day… good to be home!

4 thoughts on “Into the Tasmanian Wild

  1. What a fantastic time. I wish I could see you route on a map as I can’t visualize where you went. The basics in life are hard to beat and it is a good reminder of the clutter we keep and rely on. Thanks you lorrimer family for your journey which we have shared just a little of but which can inspire us to get back to basics.

    • Clutter! Oh boy – it’s tough being home… what is all this junk around me??? And I am leaning towards living the simple sort of life! I knew I might need counseling returning home, I knew it already as we reached Hobart.

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