Lasting Joy

Before I do a bit of a show and tell about things that really have given us, my family, lasting joy – I quickly show you a scarf I knocked up in a few days. 38 stitches, 4.5mm needles and I knitted 1:1 rib. I knitted a huge chunk of it in a bar last night – Alex, I am over my knitting in public hangup well and truly!

DSCN4963So, lasting joy. I was contemplating lasting joy when I went through the shopping centre this week, just trying to pick up some last minute gifts – I thought of so many things I had bought just to make me feel good about giving… but often I actually just bought some rubbish that didn’t necessarily gave anybody any joy at all. What a waste. So this year, I have not done that at all. Nor have I sent a single Christmas card. But I have made time for special people, looked after myself and enjoyed my friends and family. Not bad at all.

Here is the ultimate source of joy of my childhood – my father made this dolls house for me when I was maybe 6 years old. It originally only had only two rooms and one Christmas, there was an extension added. My 10 year old still plays with it, and my father in law gave it an entire ‘once over’ renovation about 7 years ago… so it had many tender hands working on it, has made children happy for 40 years and will do so in the future… I still have some of the original furniture, which is strangely out of proportion with the size of the house, but nobody really cares.

DSCN4956DSCN4955DSCN4958DSCN4959The other source of lasting joy have been these two dolls that my aunt (Happy Birthday, Maren!) made for my girls… Esther still takes them to bed with her every now and again – they are just divine and have real spirit. Both have got a spare set of clothes which they generously share with some other inhabitants of the bedroom (bears, tigers…)

DSCN4960And finally  – the pirates that live on our piano, in the Black Pig, Captain Pugwash’s ship. A wonderful creation that my father in law made for the children and which they played with for hours and hours… He used all manner of objects found in his household and magically created this boat which is sturdy and also wonderful to look at. He has paid attention to so many of the crew’s characters and brought them to life.

Fox with boatpiratesAnd the moral of the story is: I didn’t buy any old rubbish at the shopping centre. I went into the shed and dug up some old suiting fabric, some lovely corduroy, wadding, pattern paper and my sheers and got going on ‘monkey man’ which will be Marcus’ christening present. Fingers crossed I will finish it off in time for him… there are so many social events planned for the next week, and the house needs a good clean before we are hosting Christmas here, I will want to catch up with the teenage traveler who is returning tomorrow… uuh, let’s just be positive that it will work out.



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