Christmas Real Estate – beware!

We had a really quiet week. We have been selective about all the parties we will go to at this time of year… that helped! Everybody just tries to finish off what needs to be done before the end of the (school-) year, we are making lists of what to take on the great hike, what food to prepare at Christmas, what food to buy when, what presents to get, … We also bought our walking boots and will start wearing them in over the next weeks. So we have had time to dabble in real estate.

These small sized cottages have several advantages: they are easy to assemble, so no roofs caving in during construction which in turn means workers can build very independently and feel great job satisfaction! There also is the advantage in everybody building their own dwelling – no arguments how many windows, what look to aim for and what materials to use. It has been a peaceful process.DSCN4948DSCN4949

But then look at these properties only one day later! Missing walls and shingles is not a sign of inferior quality, no – all the damage sustained is evidence of these cottages being very good quality indeed. Thank God I have two pre- fabricated ones in the freezer, it looks as these two need replacing even before next weekend!

DSCN4953DSCN4954What else? Here is some lovely artwork that appeared on the cubby house just before Vincent went to the US. DSCN4952

We are following the USA tour with awe via the band’s facebook page. They are getting up many times at 5.30 am to catch flights to the next city, they are performing like mad, they are sightseeing, watching shows, giving radio interviews… they are having a ball, good on them, I am so happy that kids can do that sort of thing these days. And of course we are deeply saddened by another shooting in a US school – 28 dead, I am actually speechless. This happened when the band was staying for 2 nights with host families, so it will be interesting to get the brief about dinner conversations of those days… and their visit to Arlington cemetery will have taken on an entirely different meaning, I am sure.

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