I could have called this post ‘yarn admin’… what I am describing is one of those boring tasks that need to be done, just like filing your time sheets at work or filing your tax. One underestimates the time this task takes, it is always in the distant future and then all of a sudden you are stuck if you have not done in. Stuck – not being able to continue knitting on a car journey or in front of the TV when a really good movie is on…

DSCN4930So it is fortunate if the weather is nice, you put on some nice music and get winding. My wooden yarn winder (now what is the exact name of this gadget?) goes squeak squeak squeak at the beginning of each skein and establishes it’s own song. And with a bit of patience, soon all admin is done and – Voila – we can keep knitting until the project is finished or we run out of yarn altogether.DSCN4931

Some strange things are happening in our suburbs. The new fashion of ‘Santa in your front garden’ has taken root everywhere. I must get some shots for you. There are even lit up reindeer that move their heads up and down. Giant candy cane. Illuminated locomotives (??? yes!). Gigantic blow up snowmen. All sorts, I am telling you it’s true. What is going on in people’s heads, do explain.DSCN4946

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