In the Mood

Despite the fat Santas making their way from Sydney Central to the North Shore, bit by bit, I am getting less and less cross when I spot one. I am slowly getting into the mood (daa daa daa da da da da doo di dab-bi doo di da doo). And that is thanks to the girls who have been nagging to get a Christmas tree, and here it is:DSCN4935 And with the Christmas tree decorations (inherited from my family) we found the stockings that I made some years ago.

DSCN4932I love the smell of pine in the lounge room, the dogs think it is great to drink the tree’s water and sleep under the tree, as if to make sure not to miss spotting Santa when he finally comes…

DSCN4937There are all sorts of cheeky creatures on the tree and the girls have grouped them with some internal logic that I have no access to, but it has been amusing to overhear their reasoning.

So we are planning Christmas menus, Kris Kryngle lists, holidays, dog minders, shopping trips and so forth and so far – so good, no stress, no panic, all coming from the heart… we are in the mood well and truly.

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