Phew, halleluja… it fits!

Finally I have seen David… and tried the jumper on him, and it fits so well. It is not too long, he really is that tall! And it is not too tight, he really is that skinny. The color is perfect, he is happy, I am happy, now that is a 100% success story. Good job I did go over the numbers again and again, phew. And I don’t remember unraveling again and again, until I got the pattern to match – see, otherwise I’d be stuck (and so would David be, for that matter) with a jumper that would be ‘sort of ok’ – but not stunningly wonderful. So – go and unravel if you must, thou shalt never remember the pain, … hallelujah!


I have the pattern, I will not grade it (therefore not publish it), since even this skinny version takes 900gr of yarn and any larger and heavier garment will distort in the wash, I think. Not that woolen jumpers get washed that often.

BTW The Sweaty Knitter had a great little series about washing woolens not long ago. And it brought to mind what I learned in tailoring college, and what I have practiced since: just hang your woolens in the foggy night (or day) air. The moisture actually makes all the fibers stand up and cleans the fabric. That’s a great alternative to washing woolens.

Well, what else is going on? We have packed off the teenager, ready to go to the US today. I did finish those fingerless gloves in good time, but did I remember to take a photo? Nope… We are also using our Weber BBQ extensively in order to practice for the Christmas turkey. And with all this hot weather we are getting thirsty and have discovered this nice brew, yum…DSCN4915 Mango Beer!

Time permitting, we will attempt to build a ginger bread house. I will report back today it that really eventuates. Have a great Sunday!

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