Family weekend activity

The kids really want to do their own things on the weekend these days… they get up when they are ready, have made their own social arrangements, are pretty much aware of what chores are expected in order to get pocket money… so – we all do our own thing, because both Patrick and I have a life, too!

In order to ‘stay tuned’ with each other, I insist on one family weekend activity together. This could be visiting mutual friends, cooking a great meal together, seeing a show, watching a video, a doggie walk… this weekend it was Sculpture by the Sea. We got to the water at 9am, it was not too crowded yet. So we had breakfast together at a beach cafe before walking along the shore, taking in all the amazing creations. It was cool and we did get caught in the rain – so we may have well skipped a few of the many artworks.

Some of the art is obviously more speaking to us than other objects… but that is all part of the fun!

I only have knitted less than one sleeve this week! Uuuhh… there have been meetings in the evening, and work, and even some dinner invitations… so not all hard slog. But I remember that I knitted this very sleeve already last weekend at Esther’s basketball game, and it is not yet finished!

Could I please have some advise here from all of you – do leave a comment on this: is it socially acceptable to knit in Australia when you are at a friend’s house, or if you have people over at your own house??? I just don’t know about the etiquette in this instance at all, after all these years. Is is ok if your friends are knitter, but not, if they are not? I don’t want to appear rude and make feel people insignificant if I knit in their presence. Well, in Europe this does not seem to be an issue at all, or is it???

The cable jumper is coming along slowly, sooo many stitches and rows for such a tall young man! And what really worried me was that it was going to be too small… look at the body before I blocked it! Tiny and heavy with all that cable pattern. The sleeve looks totally distorted, too… but I know now to trust my numbers and calculations, it will be just perfect!

And apart from knitting every spare moment of the day (and there have not been enough of those this week) I have been reading about knitting. To be honest, the pay for the vest has been spent twice over already on a set of interchangeable knitting needles, three books and I just ordered four more books today (so in fact, the pay has been spent three times over… oops…). I got Jennifer Stafford’s Whip your knitting into shape: Domiknitrix and Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac and her Knitting without Tears. Those books are pretty much at the opposite end of the spectrum – Dominitrix is giving knitting a young and sexy spin (and exact instructions for garments that I don’t know who will ever wear…), whereas Zimmermann’s work is classic and on the frumpy side, with only very general instructions that any knitter has to be competent enough in the first place to understand and be game enough to execute.

Both authors have got a great sense of humour and are a hoot to read, even if you don’t intend to knit anything at all… just entertaining! Stafford’s step by step guide to knitting is amazingly clear and well documented with wonderful photographs, an ideal reference work for beginners. Zimmermann’s hints and expertise are adding profound knowledge to any expert knitter!

So, I have  also been thinking a lot about the perfect knitting instructions, which has been difficult since I don’t generally use them. How detailed, how clear, how comprehensive ought they to be? I’d love to hear from you… on this topic as well! What is your idea of the ideal knitting pattern instruction?

I better get that sleeve done and the next one at least started! Have a great weekend, all!

4 thoughts on “Family weekend activity

  1. Knitting Etiquette? Amongst my friends and family, it is seen as unusual if I DON’T knit when in company. I take my knitting to class meetings, the pub for a girls night, family gatherings and at the cafe. Probably would not take it on a date night….but they are not very frequent anyway.
    I remember that initially I would ask if they minded me knitting. My excuse is that its ‘my work’. Good thing is that I can talk, listen and knit at the same time…So I guess I have made my own etiquette….

  2. aaahhh – so there probably is no etiquette at all (ready to step into), but it’s up to me to establish… and that’s a really good idea to ask people if they mind, and they probably don’t, since I will talk about my new ideas to them, whether they like it or not… thanks Alex!

  3. Hi! I’m in the US. I remember putting a project in my purse before leaving the house for a party with close friends. My boyfriend at the time remarked, “You’re bringing knitting to someone’s home?” I replied they are used to it and some of the gals there knit. In fact, them seeing my projects prompted them to dig out neglected projects, start knitting, or unhide the ones they’d been leaving at home. ; )

    So…I almost always have something with. I ask first if it would be a bother and read the situation. If it feel like I can’t pay attention enough or they are uncomfortable (but never the case), I’d put it away.

    So knit on!


    • Thanks for sharing that! Since I posted the question I did go to a bbq (an all day affair, we do have those here is Oz0 and took my knitting along. There were no knitters present, so I just chatted for some hours and after just took up my knitting and continued chatting – and nobody blinked. I have been approached in the public swimming pool, or on the bus when people have seen me knit, and they are always very lovely comments!

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