2080st phr

It has become clear to me that January is very soon, that is when I would like to have David’s jumper finished, so he can take it to Germany and stay warm. And in all fairness, that’s when Bull 2 ought to be finished for Timothy, not to keep him warm in Australia, but because he will be back from his big adventure and because it is his design. Sigh…

Here you can see – I started on Monday, I cast on about 3 times, 260 stitches are hard to keep track of, in the end I marked the cables of the rib pattern to keep track. And this is where I am now. I have worked out that I am knitting at 2080 stitches per hour… the mind boggles. Under Walter’s good guidance, I am writing the pattern as I go, so no more bits of paper floating around…

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