My Treat

What do we have here? It’s a box I found in the hall… isn’t it beautiful?

I had a really busy week at work… and after much effort and overcoming many obstacles, I think I may have still got a chance to meet tomorrow’s deadline for the ethics application I have worked on. So, on Friday on my way home, as I was approaching Officeworks I thought I really deserved a treat.

And this is what I treated myself to: proper office stationary (small pleasures) – and how nice does all this look in this beautiful box? And may I say that I also provided myself with a small amount of high quality chocolates for special occasions, like when a colleague tells me she is pregnant, I receive another contract from another department, a paper we worked on has been accepted and so forth,… small celebrations! But the chocolates already disappeared before they made it into my office… hmmm.

I should also mention that I have treated myself to a full set of good quality knitting needles, I hope they will arrive in the mail soon.

And this is what the house has looked like during this week, in which I have (despite being extremely time poor) managed to achieve small knitting goals: this is not mess, it is productivity!

Finishing off the red vest at the breakfast table on Sunday morning. I will finish it today ( I will, I will, I will!!!) – only armholes and neck rib to go!

Here we have yet another ‘shed extension’ or shall I say ‘expansion’? I have finalised the knitting patterns for Bull 2 and David’s cable jumper. See those heavy dossiers in the knitting bags – no shortage of notes and pattern instructions!

It would be a shame if this picture was mistaken for domestic mess – I have put a lot of time and effort into giving the grey cable cardigan an entirely new finish. I have knitted a band (and unraveled it) for the hem… and only by virtue of having my work “lying in the way” or rather “exposing it to daily scrutiny” did I come to the conclusion that I just need to put an i-cord around the entire thing to keep it short and neat and sharp. Sleeves still to go and then I will show you.

What else?

Lot’s actually… most of it is very domestic and my children don’t like me talking about them on the blog, so I will not share my deepest thoughts about the things that most matter in my life… but it is all happy and satisfying, maybe I can go as far as that? Surely!

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