A much better box!!!

Look here, another really nice box. And the story of this box is amazing:

A few months ago, a letter came home from school – some one off choir was to be put together and there was going to be a performance and so on. Yeah, yeah, why don’t you join, sounds like fun I says. And my child says (much to my surprise), ok then.

Now, this weekend there was an all day rehearsal on Saturday and Sunday; and a performance on Sunday night at Sydney Town Hall! So I had no idea that my child had actually attended rehearsals for all these weeks and that this was a fundraiser for Westmead children’s Hospital (btw, that ethics application is for a study in that hospital). Nor did I have any idea that choirs from all over NSW came to attend and that the program was mind boggling: West Side Story and Orff’s Carmina Burana (or ‘Creme Brule’ as the girls appear to call it). At one point there were 800 people singing – I was actually close to tears the entire evening. So, if anybody would like to play ‘Where is Wally?’ – be my guest and spot my child.

Back to the box. Did I really post a post about a beautiful box that I filled (myself) with office/ work stationary as a treat because I deserve it??? Oh, gosh, I need help!!! I am sooo sad, did I really???

Here we have plenty of wine, chocolate, peppermint tea and other novel tea, more chocolate, olive oil and fancy vinegar, i-tunes cards and jelly; tinned tuna and more wine AND electric salt and pepper grinders, and wafer biscuits and…. well, yummy stuff. I won first price at the fundraising raffle… wow!

I did not finish the vest today… I was short 10 cm of the grafted edge of the V-neck, but hey, I am so close to finishing and I am so pleased with the result.

What a day, what a girl (my child) and what a wonderful life!!!

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