Swatch Politics

Walter sure has rolled up his sleeves! I had a sorting day and got my notes for the Bull jumper out; I want to start the new jumper for Timothy… And I could NOT find anywhere a note about what needle size I used! I worked it out, only because I remember that the double pointed needle broke in the end, so I looked for the size that was missing in my needle pouch… Phew.

But this is not going to be repeated anyway. Walter has designed worksheets for design projects, as well as for sample swatches. Nothing is left to chance in the future. Have a look at the front and back of this sample card:

I just love this Herringbone knit! This is going to be a wonderful jacket for myself, but I think I have a number of swatches ahead of me, see all those notes? Trial decrease and increase, cast off, cast on, short rows and so forth.

Well, and the swatch size has increased considerably, too. We now have to swatch including the ribbing to trial the different needle sizes and increases after the ribbing! Woa!

This is the swatch for Matthew’s vest, it’s huge!

And he made me re- knit a swatch for Timothy’s Bull. I do have one, but I cannot be certain which needle size I used… so here we are. Note also all the sleeves for notes and instructions. That’s another new thing – there is no more ‘knit as you go’, he wants a full set of instructions before I cast on.

What a busy guy!

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