The Deep – or joining the Bold and Beautiful

Lot’s of activity in the shed. Walter made me tidy the inherited stash, in fact the entire shed and he organised workflow processes for the new Quilt. More of that in a moment. There is more pressing news!

Who knows Tim Winton’s picture book ‘The Deep’??? I read it to Esther for ages, every single evening. It is about a girl who is afraid of the water, all her family swims every day from their jetty, but she just cannot get herself to go into The Deep. One Day, she sits there all by herself and a school of dolphins are playing just in front of her. Before she knows it, she is there, swimming with them, loving it – and when her family sees this and cries out “oh, good on you, you are in The Deep”, she loses all her confidence, plumps to the bottom of the deep, gets up again, takes a deep breath and joins her family!

I nearly drowned in a pool age 7, have not liked the water very much since. I only learned to swim freestyle a few years ago. A secret ambition has been conquering my own personal deep. And today was the day. Thanks to Elizabeth, my BBB (Bold and Beautiful Buddy). She has started in mid- winter and today I joined her!

Click here, a picture from the Bold and Beautiful blog of me and Elizabeth at Shelly Beach will appear !!! The light was amazing, the swim was long (1.5 km!), the water was calm, the temperature freezing (16.6 degrees) and the spirits high! I have done it!

There were moments of despair, when I realized on the return swim that I was nearly the last swimmer. All sorts of thoughts went through my mind… no fear of sharks, but just irrational deep emotions of loneliness and forlornness – I felt sooo little, such a tiny dot in the universe. That was a very humbling experience! But I just took one stroke at a time to save myself from irrationality and on the last stretch, the gentle waves helped me along. WOW.

Here is where ‘The Quilt’ is up to

It sure is growing… slowly… and this is addictive. I will name it The Quilt, because that is what it is, the archetypal quilt in every sense. Design is ‘as we go’, fabric collected from the shed floor… you know, that sort of thing.

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