Industrial Beauty

We had a wonderful day in Wilster yesterday. The dogs and Vincent enjoyed the reunion! Rolf made the best ever Rouladen and we also took a visit to the other end of the Kiel Canal! The day ended with many beers in the good company of Cousin Gino at Oma’s Apotheke in the Schanzenviertel. Vincent is very pleased to have a relation with tatoos and facial piercings.

Today we had breakfast coffee in a local bar and took off with my cousin Jan to his wood working workshop in Wilhelmsburg. I have never had any interest in diggers, cranes, great earth moving equipment… but this was something else. I thought the rythm of color and the composition of the machinery was simply stunning! Also, we passed the Soulkitchen! I watched a movie on SBS not long ago which was shot here, right next to Jan’s workshop! Vincent stayed all day with Jan and I went with Frauke and Mattes to the zoo. In the evening Vincent got a photoshop tutorial from Frauke!

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