The first good-byes

We have left Eckernförde and it starts to dawn on me that all good things come to an end… we have said our first tearful good-byes. Hilde sent me a lovely book from Berlin, about Katia Mann and her family, it all ties in with Golo Mann’s history about Germany that I am currently reading. I still wake up at 6 am or earlier because of the light here and am enjoying some hours of quiet reading time in the morning beofre everybody else is up.

We are now back in Hamburg, living in an appartment that defies description… but it is affordable and close to my brother’s – and it is always exiting to walk from one flat to another, police presence for demonstrations, buskers, mad people…

Here are some shots of some of the things we did in Eckernförde.

We had a great day at the Kiel Canal, looked at the locks and enjoyed the warm weather.

Vincent caught a trout!

And the market in Eckernförde is just spectacular!

We also visited a fabulous museum in Flensburg, Phänomenta, which we didn’t get through in 4 hours. Everything was very hands on, making the laws of nature and physics great fun to explore.Last Friday we went to a dresrehearsal for Brahm’s Deutsches Requiem and a piece ba Arvo Pärt. It was an absolutely amazing performance in a wonderful relaxed atmosphere (an old machine hall). Somehow I managed to see three exibitions in Schloss Gettorf with my aunt Maren and uncle Claus – scull culture, pop art and German art of the 1950’s… I never have the time to do any of this at home!

And as for Möbius production – I have made two, the second only took 2 attempts to start. And now we are enjoying some days in Hamburg with Jan and Frauke and their pirate Mattes.

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