Leaving Berlin

I am certainly ready to leave Berlin, I feel overloaded with impressions and discussions… we have seen so much and had a really good time! We saw ‘Divided Sky’ in the National Gallery, yesterday I went to the Hamburger Bahnhof and was already overwhelmed by the size and architecture of the building before I went into any of the many exibitions… and of course there was among all the beauty and innovativeness an exibition called Die Toden (The Dead), just objectively showcasing and representing all those who died in the terrorism attacks in Germany in the early 70s. No escaping history in Berlin, as I said before.

I also walked to Museum für Deutsche Geschichte and saw an absolutely beautiful fashion exibition. The building alone in Unter den Linden would have been worth a visit …

Just walking down the streets we keep coming across metal cobblestones that a lone old man keeps inserting in front of houses where Jews got deported from.

And finally it stopped to rain, just for a little. We grabbed the board and jumped on the U Bahn to the Tempelhofer Freiheit so Vincent could get a bit of skating in. It is the old airfield, where all the American bombers (raisin bombers) landed with food supplies every three minutes during 1948/9 when the Russians had sealed Berlin off from the outside world. It is an absolutely amazing space, especially since I have seen so much man made stuff.

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