Urban animals

I have not taken any pictures in the last 2 days… I think that is because everything seems so very normal here. We have found our way round the public transport system, got used to the extreme and limitless variety of everything (dogs, languages spoken, foods, sights, smells…). I think we may have turned into urban animals…

It was great to hook up with my old friend Hilde yesterday, whom I have know since I was 12 yrs old. We just talked and talked and Vincent had a bit of a … moment which lasted best part of the day. I think the incessant German was a bit overkill (imagine, there IS somebody who tals even more than me!!!) but he had also taken in so much stuff and people over the last days, and come with me wherever I wanted to go, had displayed unprecidented patience and interest in everything… so, all very understandable. We just ventured out to by a pair of shoes in the VANS shop and that was it for the day. Saw a hole heap of golden plaques in the pavements that designate houses from which Jews have been deported to the camps. And we had dinner at Hilde’s.

It is impossible to escape history in Berlin. We went to see an amazing art show at the Neue Nationalgalerie called Divided Heaven. It had everything anybody needs to know about art and history (and its intersection) in the 20th century. On the way home we came across the Memorial of German Resistance and had a look in there. A vast museum, and we could really only take a fraction in of what there was to see…

Let’s hope for a first dry day tomorrow- the longboard has come all the way to Europe with us and has had no opportunity to roll in this wet! We would love to go to Tempelhof airstrip, which has now been converted as a bicycle and skating park.


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