Hamburg – Denmark – Berlin

We have covered some distances by train already! And eaten more in one week than we would normally in an entire month! After two nights in Hamburg, a wonderful walk in the sunshine through Planten on Bloom, we had 4 days in Denmark with my aunt Antje and uncle Rolf – well, and their wonderful dogs. Their holiday log cabin is in the middle of nowhere, we had fresh food from the little farm down the road and just r e l a x e d (slept, ate, knitted, read, played dice games and chatted) and visited some of the local small villages. On our final evening we went to a wonderful jazz concert in a local church. Here are a few pictures that document very well how we spent our last few days.

We are now in Berlin, I will post photos tomorrow. It is a bit of a culture shock… from forrest into BIG city, but wonderful.


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