Beyond space and time

PHEW, I don’t like the feeling being beyond space and time… long distance flights that get stuck somewhere (in our case in Beijing), being too tired to know what time it is at your present location, your destination, your place of departure… but hei, let’s put that down to experience. We know first hand what the smog in Beijing is like, what the breakfast in a third class Beijing hotel tastes like and the experience of trying to re-book a flight to Europe is something else alltogether!

We have survived all that and are enjoying the summer light in Hamburg. It is still light at 10.30pm and the food and the beer are excellent! Mattes is very happy about the lego we picked up for him at Hamburg airport!

And I am feeling ‘whole’, being back where I came from originally, spending time with my brother and his wife and son. It is totally wonderful to hear Vincent speak German!

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