Getting onto the stage

Here is another little walk down memory lane. London in the early 90s.

I finally made it – a job at the English National Opera. This was before the austerity measures… costume makers were allowed to take the train from the workshop to the Coliseum and attend the dress rehearsals! What a treat to track the progress of operatic performances and to just enjoy the music. My love of opera was definitely fueled in this job! I stayed for 3 years and then went free lance. This is an assortment of pictures from Don Pasquale, The Mikado, Carmen and Der Rosenkavalier.

I think this was just about my dream job. No day was the same, everyday a creative challenge, everyday work with my hands, trying to improve my skills.

1 thought on “Getting onto the stage

  1. Over the past weeks I have been reading all of your great blog posts. I was too busy to comment but nevertheless in awe of your knitting, designing and sewing skills. I am blown away by the unique and amazing garments you made (80s or not…).
    Wow is all I can say! Thanks for sharing!

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