Mysterious Miraculous Mobius

Another lovely avatar I found this morning. Boy, I hear a lot of clacking of knitting needles on the web, eh?

But let’s turn to the finished Mobius, hot off the needles this morning!

Here is the front… the back… and the side

… and then we have here a folded up version and a detail of the neck with the new label!!!

And now a picture or two to document the process. I used my “standard” mobius pattern (no picture), which will get a severe make-over to make the shoulder cables match the body shape better next time.

So here we have a picture of how I documented how I actually knitted the cable… because for some reason I couldn’t follow the charts I carefully worked out (hands up for those who are surprised)

I really like it! There is room for refining the pattern in more than one way, but let’s just enjoy it for now!

The big cable came from one off the Barbara Walker books, it was not easy to decide, since there were so many wonderful ones to choose from. My criteria was that it had to accommodate short rows, without distorting the cable and it had to accommodate widening/ narrowing of the band. It works!

Have a great week end!

4 thoughts on “Mysterious Miraculous Mobius

    • Gosh, it is. Once you get your head around it! I am planning a number of variations. There is a little one, similar to yours, on my knitting menu, have a look. I would like to put collars and button stands on, get some asymmetry happening and so on.

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