Once upon a Time in London

This week has been frustrating in terms of lack of knitting time. I snatched an hour this morning in the car, as my daughter had her maths tutoring. That mobius is coming along. The evenings have just been ‘bing’ gone with family admin and preparations for going through the next busy day. And going to the theater, mind you, that was great! I saw Old Man at the Belvoir, wonderful performances for a great script.

In the absence of anything current to report, I go back to my stash of old photos…

London went into recession, as soon as I got there in 1990… getting interesting work (tailoring for film and opera/ theater) took a bit longer than I had hoped – so I just knitted myself into a very patient state of mind. Recognize the yarns? Yepp, all that hand dyed lot.

I still wear the boots! They were handmade for me in Finland, I saved the money from the tips I got in the club I worked in. They cost the equivalent on one months rent for my studio apartment in Helsinki!

Hhmm, I must have been in a phase of squares and diagonals… I am proud how the squares continue over different garment pieces – it’s all about knowing your gauge, hey?!?!?

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