Magical Mobius

I have been hanging out for a new post… once this mobius is finished. But it drags on a bit, complications with the border…

So here is an interim update and a mobile phone quality picture of customs house in Sydney during the VIVID festival last Saturday. It was so packed – we took ages to walk one block. So  not a great experience in that respect, but this particular installation alone was worth the trip into town! It goes to show how popular the festival is, so many people want to see the installations!

Here is the magical mobius: the front

the back, (with the photographer!),

and the provisional paper border. Here I marked where the border turns and at which point the border’s right side is up and when it is down, where I need to have shortened rows to make it curve nicely, where to increase width for the pattern to show off and so on.

By now I have actually finished knitting best part of the border (will take photo hopefully tomorrow) and I am having second thoughts, is the border the right color, is the cable too big, too small, is it flaring too much… and then I wonder whether the whole mobius is too big, or too small, too tightly knit, too long, too short – oh, it is just so painful to be an artist!

There is only one answer – finish it quickly and start the next project. Thumbs up?

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