Taking the Bull by the Horns and Wrapping up the Wrap

I had a creative and productive weekend! There is nothing like jumping out of bed on Saturday morning, grabbing two keen walkers and taking off into the bush before breakfast! Good job, because it rained for the rest of the weekend, so we got a good walk, sniff and rumble tumble in. Josie is very smart, she escapes into the water when it gets out of hand – she knows Jasper will NOT follow!

I grabbed the Bull by the horns and got very far with the intarsia of the picture. Though I now  have all 4 pieces (2 sleeves, back and front) on one needle, as I am starting the raglan bit, it is fast to knit, because the witnessing the picture growing with every row is totally addictive! I watched a hole heap of movies with my son on Saturday night – and look at this!

And now look at the reverse side… phew, only a few ends to sew in…

And wait, there is more! The wrap cardigan is finished! All I need to do now, is order a nice shawl pin! Here are some pictures of the finished piece and some shots of the details I added. I put i-cord edging on the cuffs and the short sides of the body to give it a nice finish. I also added a small ‘tail’ at the back – it would make me sad to pull the back down so much in order to put the pin in at the small of the back.

… and finally, I have spent some time on tidying my knitting stuff… filed patterns and needles and so on… gotta have to happen sometimes. And since one of my project baskets is now empty, I filled it straight away with a mobius project. So I spent some time on ‘mobiology’ – ordering the patterns of the mobius projects I have done in the past and designed one with a twist (ha, a twist or two!). This one will have a collar and a button stand… not sure how that will work, but it will evolve… Here are some swatches (yes, swatches!) to figure out the gauge and a bit of a finishing twist.

So here is the humble beginning – just dark grey and a cable at the decrease/ increase points so far.

2 thoughts on “Taking the Bull by the Horns and Wrapping up the Wrap

  1. Wow!!! Timothy is in Cambodia now so I hope that he has access to the internet somewhere so that he can see this amazing creation.

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