My most famous pieces – a blast from the past and new inspiration!

Uuuuhhh, look what the postie brought to me this morning! THIS is incredible! The ultimate, the most comprehensive, the best! I didn’t think I needed it, but YES I did.

All about vertical insertions, bar increases, intarsia in the round, open side edges, swatch edges, adjusting patterns, chain selvedge seams, sewing in a zipper, facings, twisted twice knits, pleats and tucks… so much I just didn’t know about playing with those sticks!

Well, heaving this book onto my lap (it weighs a ton) makes me feel I have been a complete amateur for all these 30 years!

Hey, that’s not true! Look at these two pieces, my two most famous knits I have made so far:

The first one is a purple cardigan for Geraldine Fitzgerald. She did “Absolute Hell” at the National Theater, London. This is very fitted, very sexy, very beautifully made, just like the designer envisaged. I surprised myself!

The other cardigan is for Rachel Weisz in “The Mummy”. Yepp, that famous movie. I had a 3 month old baby and thought it was very straightforward to work from home under the circumstances… little did I know, I struggled… my friend Jane across the road ended up doing the intarsia, and I did the other stuff and the sleeves on the machine. Phew, was glad when that was over… especially as there (all of a sudden) had to be TWO cardigans delivered – you know, in the movies they like to cover their backs…

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