Patchwork and Quilt Design made easy

This is my first ever quilt. Let me tell you about the ‘design’. I had the idea of making little, manageable blocks, the small squares and alternate grey squares. Easy enough, hey? And then I just got very bored… and to alleviate that boredom, I designed squares the size of 9 small squares, still easy? I think so! At that stage – and no earlier! – did I give the overall design and size (it ended up being nearly 2 x 3 meters) some thought, designed and sewed two more squares in a different design and then I went for the center medallion. Finally I gave the edge some thought, at that point everything had to go very quickly… Needless to say, I had no rotary cutter or special patchwork ruler, and no clue about quilt making.

And voila!

What I am saying is

  1. quilt making and patchwork can be intimidating for novices. I understand that. But nowadays we are far too bogged down by the ‘right way of going about things’ – and that is stifling all of us. Taking advice is great, but researching first, to the extend that it feels insurmountable to start, is limiting our creativity. What a shame that is!
  2. it is ok to just start and see where it takes you. Have a go, get to know what you are doing ‘hands on’ and then fill the gaps with further research – that way you are less likely to put things in the ‘too hard basket’. The design process can, and indeed should be an organic one!

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