Wrap Cardigan (2)

This is where we are at with this project: the shawl is done, every 5th stitch has been unraveled and I have blocked it nicely. I have started knitting the sleeve – initially I was going to shape the sleeve head, but since the armhole is a slit, I will just go straight with the sleeve, decreasing every 12th rows 2 stitches…

Hhmmm… I was going to knit a border around it to make it bigger, but that is not really needed. Maybe an i-cord, since I am just loving those at the moment… maybe don’t touch it after finishing the sleeves, hey?

More important than any fancy and complicated finish – it seems to be crucial how one wraps it. Not easy, since the shawl is not very wide – which makes the back ending up being too short. In the original picture the stylist has taken great care that the back does not reveal the bottom edge!

Again, there is a great section in Maggie Righetti’s book about how knitwear is photographed and how you can analyse the shortcomings of a garment and its design, which the stylist has concealed in the clever photographic presentation…

In the original photo the neckline looks wider – and that is just because the sleeves pull the neckline apart; I guess the center back is not wide enough…

2 thoughts on “Wrap Cardigan (2)

    • Thank you so much, but as you know, it is not my design, and the jury is still out there, deciding whether this will work or not (for ME, that is) – it clearly worked for the stylist of the pattern photo… fingers crossed! Thanks for stopping by!

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