Mothers Day Surprise!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day! This is going nicely, and it is only the afternoon!

I woke up and got coffee and handmade chocolates in bed. I read yesterday’s paper and a bit about knitwear design.  When I got up, I found in the lounge and kitchen heaps of flowers – it looks so beautiful in my home! Never mind all the dust… Then I made pancakes for 3 teenage boys and two daughters and a husband and went on a new walk at Woolwich Docks. We took our corgi ‘cousins’ and Jenny and enjoyed the wind and the sun.

And then I scanned ancient photos of my knitwear and stage work into the computer – and will introduce these pieces to you bit by bit.


It is time to put the Osso Bucco into the oven whilst hubby is at the Jazz Band rehearsal… it will warm up the house.

Hope you had a good mother’s day!


My Osso Bucco only got in the oven at 6pm, had to sit there for 2 1/2 hours… Patrick kindly went to the supermarket to get some mince and whipped up Tacos… and everybody was happy!

And for the first time for years I have been able to listen to Opera (Rigoletto) from start to finish, without anybody ridiculing it, disrupting it… oh, thanks Mr Verdi – I love you! The kids even wanted a summary of the storyline…

2 thoughts on “Mothers Day Surprise!!!!

  1. Lucky you ! Flowers look lovely … walk looks interesting… haven’t tried that one….. you deserve to have had a great day… you are a wonderful mother…. Leah x

  2. Not sure about being a wonderful mother… don’t you just want to spoil the kids – and that often nips you in the bum, because they get used to you doing everything for them…? But yes, I had a lovely lazy day and we will have Osso Bucco for the next week it seems…

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