Linenstich Scarf: Afterthought

If I don’t show off a finished project (just post a quick picture) – you can be sure I am in denial… something has disappointed me. Rebecca has gone to New York without her scarf (thank God she is going into summer!), it has been sitting on  my workbench because I have not been able to straighten the edges to my satisfaction. Neither pressing nor blocking have worked well enough! The edges have kept rolling up and frankly, I would not want to wear this scarf, as lovely as the wool and the texture are. Can you see what I mean? Kate Davies has just published a new cardigan pattern, and the edging and buttonholes are created with i – cords!!! Somehow this idea, (to apply the i-cord to the scarf) came to me as I was watching my daughters soccer game this morning…

As soon as I came home I tried it and I am so happy – even without pressing the scarf, the edges have settled and don’t roll anymore. Let’s just hope I have enough yarn to go around the entire scarf.

How to achieve this i-cord finish? I half remembered the i-cord from my mobius finish, but googled a tutorial how to achieve nice corners. It is also important to have the needle size for the i-cord at least 2 sizes bigger than the needle used for the actual fabric. And I used a thinner needle to pick up my stitches.

Edit: My i-cord has 4 stitches. For the i-cord on the long side of the scarf, I pick up every stitch and knit it together with the last (4th) stitch of the i-cord. On the short side, I pick up 2 stitches every 3 rows.

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