Timothy’s Bull (1)

The wool for Timothy’s jumper arrived! I made a swatch (!) and decided on 3.75mm needles instead of the recommended 4mm, the fabric is nice and soft and not too floppy – which is important since the intarsia picture of the bull will go on the chest.

I found this great ‘top down’ V- neck jumper on Ravelry (see here) and will use it for this project, but of course the gauge is different, so I will have to do the maths entirely myself. Given that I will add a picture on the chest, I think I will turn it into a crew neck version. And adding to the DIY approach to a pattern – I have started knitting the sleeve: as you can see it is a provisional cast on, I will graft the sleeve (s) to the finished yoke, since one is supposed to start with the yoke. And why am I not starting with the yoke? Well, I just couldn’t wait to start, so I cast on something simple (sleeve) during Esther’s swimming lesson last night, and when we had finished watching ‘Hair’ with the kids, this is how far I got! I will leave re-calculating for the yoke and bull picture (and positioning) for a rainy day…

Do you understand why I am much better off writing my own patterns? Sigh…

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