A New Project!

This is such an amazing shawl jacket, I must have it! The pattern is called ‘Juliana’, I found it on Ravelry. But since I have to use stuff from my shed for any new project – look what I found:

I found a lace scarf I had started a year ago. The lace pattern is from one of the Barbara Walker books. (I was going to write a tribute post to her books, but have to leave that for later). But I used a 3mm needle, so the lace is actually not open enough, and I didn’t give the finish any thought as I started… no wonder I lost enthusiasm.

Can I turn it into the shawl jacket (instructions are for different yarn and needle size…)?

Yes I can!

Since I only have 250gr of fingering yarn, I have to be smart.

I found 100gr assorted silk yarns which I bought with my friend Sue at the Craft Fair last year. And I made a swatch with 4mm needles of a lovely fan pattern I found on Ravelry last night.

I think it will be great! I weighed the swatch – 6 grams, so each fan weighs 2 grams… I will make a 1:1 pattern and a see how many fans it will require…

Summary of the process:

  • find inspirational picture/ pattern
  • find the yarn
  • add to the yarn
  • find a texture that fits both design and yarn
  • make swatch
  • do your numbers
  • GO!

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