Oh Dear, Jane!!!

It is time to finish this current knitting bias on my blog… here is something out of the closet, I forgot to list it in my long list of unfinished projects.

Hands up – who has not heard of Dear Jane? I came across this wonderful quilt by Jane Stickle (1863) in October. Within days I had copied a number of the 225 blocks from the internet, while I was waiting for the instruction book to arrive from America.

Part of me wanted to make the most beautiful quilt, and a faithful reproduction of the original… so I ordered a few suitable fabrics… and tried to match the shades to the original. And the other part of me said ‘oh no, just do your own thing and go through your stash, as Jane did’.

And I didn’t follow either of the voices, so I am not very happy with the result… it’s a hotch potch of colors that don’t really go together, it’s no me, it’s not Jane. This project will be abandoned, and I will ‘do Jane’ my way… and it will be good. It is technically challenging, all those small blocks with applique and some machine pieced on foundations… But that is going to be a new project, so it doesn’t count as being in the ‘to be finished off basket’, phew!

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