my knitting process (3)

Talking about books – there are a number of wonderful Elizabeth Zimmermann knitting books. “Knitting without Tears” is one (I don’t have it, though) and “The Knitting Workshop” is another famous one. This book takes you through all the classic designs from baby jackets to yoke sweaters. In particular I love all the different variations of yokes: raglan, saddle… There are no complete instructions issued – the author simply and clearly explains (1) how it all hangs together and then (2) gives percentages (100% being the stitches for the entire circumference) for dividing the elements of the garment. It seemed a bit vague and cryptic to me initially – but she is spot on!

I am adding this detail of a saddle shoulder jumper I made with her guidance. It fits beautifully. The cable patterns I found Barbara Walker’s books.

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