My Knitting Process (2)

There is so much talk about how best to achieve a good result in knitting! And there is no one right answer. Here are two books that summarize exactly how I have done it for years. When I came across these books, I felt like I reconnected with a long lost friend.

To me, these two books are what Simone Beauvoir’s ‘The Second Sex’, Aristotle’s ‘Virtue Ethics’ or Immanuel Kant’s ‘Critique of Pure Reason’ are to a Philosopher.

I have done “it” intuitively for so many years, and whenever I rush or stray from this approach, I pay the price: unraveling, unraveling, unraveling. I start with an idea, a gauge, a shape, a paper pattern, some arithmetic, lot’s of scribbling and then knitting – and a lot of checking as I go.

These two books are truly wonderful, thank you Maggie Righetti! “Knitting in Plain English” spends the first of the four parts on everything you need to know before you cast on! It is a comprehensive course in knitting.

“Sweater Design in Plain English” takes the magic and the good luck factor out of knitwear design – it delivers all the essential knowledge of the thought process, the creativity and combines those with sound rules about how knitted fabric behaves and how the human body works. It is so thorough – it starts talking about how design flaws are usually disguised in fashion photography. As a trained tailor, I think this is the most sophisticated book for designing knitwear.

Both books are a fun to read, needless to say. Thrillers.

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