Mobius – we all ought to have one!

Have a look at this – I made this mobius last time it was really cold (October? – no, I was on a coach heading for the snow – and it happened to be the best weekend of the entire season, so it was mid – August!) for my lovely sister in law, Clare. That was BB – before blog, when nothing got documented. And now my lovely niece took some real pics of it some days ago… Bec, do you really have to move to New York (sigh…) – what will I do without you???

As soon as that stash ban is lifted, I will go mad on mobiusssus; mobi:ie??? What on earth is the plural of MOBIUS?

4 thoughts on “Mobius – we all ought to have one!

  1. THis is gorgeous Swantje…. is it all one piece or does it tie up somehow .? and the colours a beautiful… love it… Leah

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