Knitting Projects – A little Help from my friends, please!

Hey, there has been a total knitting frenzy around here! I got Rebecca’s yarns on Saturday and by yesterday I had started (and unraveled) a lace scarf after nearly 50 gr (30 cm). I decided lace didn’t work for that yarn at all. So I cast on a scarf lengthwise and did a linen stitch, I love it! Just a little more to go and I will take a picture!

And I started the seamless cardigan with Rebecca’s yarn – it is so nice and fresh, and I am improving my pattern as I go!

In addition to these projects, I ought to be starting a jumper for my nephew Timothy, who is currently in Vietnam. It would be lovely to have his jumper finished (eeehhh, I have not started yet, nor have I ordered the yarns…) by the time he gets home in August. He would like a black woolen jumper with a red bull’s head on it – it is the symbol of his favorite basketball team.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A post without picture is boring, so I am sneaking unfinished project in, and I would love some help with! This is a Vogue cardigan and it is too short! As you can see, I have knitted a band to go across the hem, but even at my 3rd attempt it still looks wonky. I think I have to knit a 1/1 ribbon across and sew it on… and I cannot decide about the buttons. I have 5 big ones and 4 small ones in my stash. That is the other annoying thing about a stash – when you finally find a use for an object you have horded (these buttons I got in London 20 years ago), you don’t have enough for your project….aaaaaahhhhh!!!! The second sleeve is nearly done, I just need to pump some adrenalin and finish it! Any ideas to help me out???

I have got no idea how the photo of my ‘lounge room outpost’ got into the slide show, but there you go!

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