Birdie in the making!

There has been some good activity in the shed today! Esther and Frances have started to make ‘Birdie’ from Fiona Dalton’s wonderful book. Here they are ironing and cutting… and then they ran into the garden and played with water for ages. And they are still at it. Birdie will have to go into a spare shoe box and we will continue her next weekend!

I have bound the Flowerpower quilt! It looks amazing. Just another few flowers to quilt and then I will do something special with the border – I have found already a nice idea. I love it when an item develops organically like this and I am 1/2 step ahead of myself.

And I will start on Rebecca’s seamless cable cardigan (got the needles out and printed my pattern) and found some lovely lace patterns for her scarf. It will come in handy to have some knitting – the mornings in the pool require me to have a small size project, lugging that huge quilt around is not what I call ‘handy’.

And here is the picture of our dog shed!

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