Good-bye, fast quilt!

Hey, I went to my niece’s pre- baby get-together – I think we all agree that a baby shower is a silly thing to undertake, but we like get- togethers… so we had one. We all brought food and had a lovely time in the garden! I didn’t take any relevant pictures, since I was busy finishing the last quilting on the quilt for her baby. So here is one of the very few photos I took – the one of the magnificent bump (and the ‘second time ’round mother to be’). I loved watching Shaun the Sheep with my sister in law Clare and Harriet’s two year old son Simon.

And here is the last photo of the ‘Quick Quilt’ that I took yesterday in the back garden. I have draped it on the kid’s shed. In our family everybody has got a shed, how is that?!? Even the dogs, picture to be posted tomorrow.

Other interesting news: My niece Rebecca (Harriet’s sister) has taken all the really good photos on this blog, and she is setting sail for New York in April. I bought her some nice yarns some time ago to say thanks for taking these lovely pics for aunty S. And she started knitting, but then business got the better of her and I am going to knit some nice stuff for her now, since I cannot bear the thought of her being cold in NY… Hey, and my darling niece is taking the mobius (the one I made for my sister in law Clare – I have no picture of it at all) and my seamless cardigan (picture posted last week) on one of her fashion shoots (she is a fashion photographer) and then I will have marvelous professional pictures of my creations, how lucky I am????

And the last thing for today, my dear friends – have a look at that picture and tell me… what’s going on in my back garden!?!?!? Am I imagining things? Is that a red ear behind the big flower pot???? If you don’t know what this is about, have a look here and here.

Now it is really late and before I drop into bed I am counting my blessings – I had a great day out, when I came home my husband whipped up a BBQ, my teenage son whipped up some calorie laden desert and my 12 year old daughter washed the dishes. All that was left for me to do, was being the love machine and watch ‘Terminator IV” with my son and I will set the alarm clock to get up early enough tomorrow morning to get to the 8am soccer trials for our 9 year old daughter and her friend. Life is sweet!

So, my to do list is to post a picture of the dog’s shed, eeehhh… ah and post a to do list for my projects – that is a MUST, gosh it’s looooonnnnggggg!

Cheerio for now!!

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